Conquer Material Handling Challenges with Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves

Are you tired of leaky valves and inefficient material transfer in your processing plant? Look no further than Roto-Disc’s innovative Airlock/Double-Dump Valves!

The Airlock/Double-Dump Valve is a heavy-duty valve that smoothly transfers dry or slurry materials between different pressure or vacuum environments. Its intermediate chambers prevent material build-up and ensure a smooth flow from one valve to another.

Why Choose Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves?

Say Goodbye to Leaks

Traditional rotary valves typically have gaps between the blades and housing, which can result in material leakage. These leaks may cause product loss, environmental problems, and production delays. Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves feature a superior sealing design that eliminates these gaps, ensuring 100% material transfer. This helps to save money and minimize environmental impact.

Boost Efficiency

Rotary valves constantly scrape material against their housing, causing friction and wear. This leads to frequent maintenance, replacements, and production downtime. Roto-Disc’s valves feature an innovative design that minimizes friction, reduces wear and tear, extends the valves’ lifespan, and significantly lowers maintenance costs.

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Precise Control

Traditional material handling systems often lack precise control, leading to overfeeding or underfeeding. This can impact product quality and consistency. Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves offer unmatched precision. You can control material flow based on timing, weight, or volume, ensuring that you add the exact amount of material for each process. This optimizes production efficiency and product quality.

Built to Last

Industrial environments can be harsh, and valves must be resilient. Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves are constructed with heavy-duty materials and a robust design, ensuring they can endure the most demanding applications and reduce downtime and replacement costs.

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Complete Solutions

Setting up a material handling system can involve multiple components, which may need to be sourced from different vendors. This can be time-consuming and complex. Roto-Disc offers more than just valves. They provide a complete material handling ecosystem, including scale hoppers, custom chambers, and other essential components. Roto-Disc simplifies the process by providing everything from a single source and ensures that all parts work seamlessly together for optimal performance.

Upgrade Your Process Today With Roto-Disc

Roto-Disc’s Airlock/Double-Dump Valves are more than valves; they’re a revolutionary solution for optimized material handling. Contact us today to discuss how these valves can transform your process and save you money in the long run.