roto blade product in action


Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter

The Roto-Blade™ is a precision manufactured diverter with no internal hang-up points. The fit of the blade to the side-walls are ensured through exacting production standards and hand finishing. The result is a precision fit that minimizes blow-by to the closed port. The blade edge/tip is protected from the flow of material and the removable side-plate allows access to the valve body interior and removal of the divert blade for cleaning without the need to dismount the valve.

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Built Tough For Reliability

Here’s why the Roto-Blade™, heavy-duty diverter valve will eliminate your diverter valve headaches forever:

  • Heavy gauge construction means precise tolerances are maintained so moving parts don’t breakdown or hang-up and your operation stays on schedule.
  • The diverter blade and side-walls are precision machined and then ground by hand at assembly to ensure a perfect fit between the side-walls and the diverter blade.
  • Blade tip is protected from material flow.
  • There is simply no place inside the valve for material to get trapped. Roto-Blade™ is always clean as a whistle, making it ideal for sanitary applications or other ultra-clean environments.
  • Quick-acting, cushioned air cylinder moves the blade rapidly through the product.

Sanitary Configurations

roto blade product diagram
roto blade product deconstructed

Roto-Blade Configuration Options

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large custom roto blade with man for scale