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Inflatable Seal Spherical Valve

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Mechanics of Operation

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Inflated Seat

Compressed air enters the inflatable seal assembly and inflates the seal against the dome

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Deflated Seat

Compressed air is released causing the seal to relax and allowing the dome to rotate.

Roto-Flate® Advantage

Roto-Flate® valves feature a bubble-tight sealing system that is ideal for high pressure and vacuum environments. The positive seal prevents leakage of liquids, gasses or dry material into or out of the valve. Bubble-tight sealing means your process runs more efficiently because compressors or vacuum pumps won’t be overloaded.

Typical Installation

Lock-Hopper Valves: Two Roto-Flate® valves are placed in series and are opened and closed independently so pressure or vacuum is contained above or below the assembly.

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Automated Sequence Controller (ASC)

The Automated Sequence Controller (ASC) allows the Roto-Flate® to be controlled with just one signal to open and one to close. This unique device, developed exclusively by Roto-Disc®, Inc. makes controlling the Roto-Flate® as easy as any quarter-turn valve, and still provide the high performance of a two-stage sealing system.

Bubble-Tight Against Full Vacuum and Pressure Up to 150PSIG

Pressures and Temperatures

Typical Applications

Materials of Construction

Body, Dome & Retaining Plates:

Stainless Steel (304, 316, Duplex), Hastelloy-C, Inconel, Monel, Carbon Steel (4140, WCB, A36), Other alloys upon request

Seal Material:

EPDM, Heat-Stable Silicon, Viton®- A/B/GF, Viton Extreme ETP, Buna-Nitrile, Neoprene. Some materials available in white.

Coatings & Hardfacings:

Electroless Nickel, Stellite, Hard Chrome, Thin-Dense Chrome, Tungsten Carbide, Teflon®/PFA, Others

Roto-Flate® Valve with Standard Controls & Flange Arrangement

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