4 Huge Reasons to Invest in a Roto-Disc® Airlock/Double-Dump Valve

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Roto-Disc® airlock/double-dump valves have several advantages over other valve placements, including rotary valves, for your industrial processes involving dry or slurry material.

Find out why our products are superior. 

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1. Volumetric and/or Gravimetric Measurements

Through design enhancements and a range of accumulator chambers, you can measure and feed material volumetrically and/or gravimetrically. Our valves are customizable enough if you still prefer traditional temporal or manual controls. However, volumetric and gravimetric measurements are more precise and give you better versatility when you change products of different masses on the same production line. 

We accomplish volumetric measurements through load-cell mounts and/or level sensor ports within the chamber itself, depending on your requirements. Gravimetric solutions occur with flexible connections on the assembly for accurate weight measurement. This state-of-the-art processing solution eliminates the pitfalls of traditional feeding solutions in pressure or vacuum environments. The overall goal is to make your industrial process more efficient and less labor-intensive, so your staff can focus on making better products.

2. Customized Valves to Meet Your Requirements

In addition to our new ways to measure items, we also offer feed hoppers and inlet funnels tailored to your exact space and volume requirements.  These pieces allow for seamless connection to and flow of material through the airlock/double-dump assembly. Precision is paramount in a vacuum environment because leaks can lead to mismeasurements,  clogs, and wasted time and raw materials.

3. Timing & Pressure Equalization

Cycle-timing and pressure equalization couplings are available for turn-key feeding solutions. These are the perfect replacement for leaky rotary-vane valves or other flimsy double-dump valves.

Pressure equalization is vital to the easy flow of material. When you need precision, nothing is better than modern sensors that maintain accurate measurements for your end product without guesswork or human intervention.

4. No Broken Rotary Parts

Traditional rotary valves are notoriously unreliable compared to airlock/double-dump valves. The gap between the blade ends and housing allows leakage. Meanwhile, constant scraping causes parts to wear out. You might even find residue of these broken parts in your end product after it moves through the system!

Airlock/double-dump assemblies have moving parts that don’t include friction, turning, or rotating. Materials move through these valves freely, which can prevent clumping, drying, and crusting, depending on the materials you use.

Invest in Roto-Disc® Airlock/Double-Dump Valves

Roto-Disc, Inc., is a world leader in custom airlock/double-dump valves that make your processes more efficient while reducing labor costs and downtime. Contact Roto-Disc today to learn more about how we can help your company improve its processes and achieve optimal results for dry or slurry materials.