Innovative Solutions

Crust Breaker Dome

A dome with a “flat top” is supplied that breaks-up a head of crust above the valve as it rotates open. Leading edge of dome is engaged to seat as typical.

diagram of roto disc valve material crust self clean diagram

Interior: Clean-In-Place

Spray Nozzle

Wide-angle, high-flow spray nozzles are mounted through body wall, perpendicular to valve axis, between flanges

Nozzles are installed by hand to ensure they are flush with body interior

Two (2) nozzles are typical but additional nozzles are possible

Nozzles can flow liquid cleaning solution or air/gas

roto disc valve cleaning spray nozzle diagram blue print

C.I.P. Flush-Port

Sanitary fitting is installed through body wall, perpendicular to valve axis, between flanges

Fitting is plugged and capped to eliminate void during normal operation

Cap and Plug are removed to allow insertion of spray wand for interior cleaning

roto disc valve cleaning product diagram blue print

Shut-off & Diverter Valve

A Roto-Disc®, Inc. shut-off valve is mated directly above a Roto-Blade® diverter for an integrated shut-off and diverter solution.

Typical applications include: Silo Discharge; Mixer/blender Discharge; Dual Reactor Charging

diverter product blue print diagram

Wedge Insert

The Wedge Insert option relieves the need for custom inlet “mating” flange. The wedge is made of PTFE, UHMW, PEEK or other compatible thermo-plastic and is press-fit into the upstream flange, thereby eliminating any hang-up ledges.

roto disc wedge insert product diagram
roto disc wedge insert diagram showing material flow

Note: Customer to provide mating flange I.D. for press-fit of wedge into mating flange.

General Capabilities

With advanced capabilities and highly-customizable valve design from Roto-Disc®, Inc. you can trust that every detail is always on-spec.