Double-Dump Airlock Versus Rotary Airlock Valves

What Is an Airlock/Double-Dump Valve?

Airlock and Double Dump Valves

At Roto-Disc, Inc, we offer high-quality and industrial-grade valve processing systems. Our airlock valves, also known as double-dump valves, process dry or slurry material in and out of pressure or vacuum environments without exposing either environment to the other or to atmosphere. Our airlocks utilize two of our shut-off valves with an intermediate accumulator chamber designed for ledge-free flow from valve to valve. 

We offer customizable solutions for our double-dump valves, including cycle-timing and pressure-equalizing features for turn-key solutions to avoid leaking and other issues associated with standard rotary airlocks. 

Today the team at Roto-Disc discusses the advantages of using an airlock/double-dump valve instead of a traditional rotary airlock valve. 

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The Disadvantages of a Rotary Airlock Valve

Like our double-dump valves, rotary airlocks are used to process dry materials between process environments that are under a differential pressure. But there are several disadvantages to using rotary airlock valves. One drawback is that they are not as reliable as  Roto-disc airlock/double-dump valves.  

Rotary airlock valves also have a gap between the blade ends and the housing that allows leakage and causes rapid wear and tear because when material constantly scrapes between the blades and the housing, even hardened surfaces wear out. If you have a demanding industrial process, you need quality valve systems you can rely on. 

Advantages of an Airlock/Double-Dump Valve 

Our double-dump valve designs take airlocking dry materials to the next level! Our valves make your processes more efficient because your compressor or vacuum systems won’t be overloaded trying to compensate for loss through the airlock. They are offered with state-of-the-art features like adaptors for flexible connections, high and low-level sensors for volumetric control, load-cell mounts for gravimetric control, and more to keep your process operating without delays.

Other advantages include: 

  • Cycle Control: Our double-dump valves are offered with the Roto-Disc Cycle Controller (RDCC). This programmable device (PLC) allows you to control your double-dump assembly easily. You can program the valve to function with specific recipes or batch sizes to get the most out of your system while avoiding cumbersome and costly programming delays. 
  • Customization: We offer accumulator chambers tailored to your process needs. Choose from ready-made small, medium, and large or customized chamber sizes to handle a specific volume or meet a specified take-out space.

Need A High-Quality Airlock Valve? Contact Roto-Disc, Inc. 

Roto-Disc double-dump valves handle dry solids or slurry materials and are a much better alternative to rotary airlock valves, slide gate valves, and butterfly valves. We create customized solutions for a wide variety of industry applications. Visit Roto-Disc online to learn more about how our valves can overcome your valve challenges.