Advantages of Our Roto-Clean® Sanitary Spherical Valve’s Port Sizes

Roto-Clean Sanitary Valve

Roto-Disc®, Inc’s patented Roto-Clean® Sanitary, spherical valve comes in several sizes, depending on your equipment’s requirements. This gives your team several advantages over more traditional valve assemblies.

Less Down Time for Cleaning and Sanitizing

Every Roto-Clean valve can be quickly disassembled & reassembled, by hand, for cleaning and sanitization. When fully disassembled, no two parts are still connected or touching. Clearances are undisturbed during disassembly and need not be adjusted upon reassembly. When your team cleans equipment on its regular schedule, you don’t have to spend hours disassembling a complicated valve piece. Further, your chosen sanitization method can work quickly and effectively, whether you’re scrubbing parts or soaking them.

Disassembly happens in six simple steps. It takes just a few minutes without tools.

  1. Remove main body
  2. Remove inlet clamp
  3. Unscrew thumb nuts
  4. Remove controls
  5. Pull out shafts
  6. Remove dome and bushings

Then, you can sanitize each part separately before reassembling. Your team doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on the valve assembly, giving you more time to focus on other parts of the line when cleaning or sanitizing. 

Made of sturdy materials, the Roto-Clean valve is lightweight in design for easy handling. 

Various Sizes for All Kinds of Materials and Product Runs

The Roto-Clean is especially popular with the food and pharmaceutical industries. Available in sizes 2” to 12” inlet ports, it is well suited for vacuum and pressure applications and for temperatures up to 425°F. Connections to upstream and downstream mating equipment can be via sanitary clamps, direct welding, stub ends (for flexible connection), or flanges. 

Valve sizes (in diameter) and product weights per cycle include:

  • 2 to 2.5” valves for 26 lbs/12 kg
  • 3” valves for 39 lbs/18 kg
  • 4” for 53/24
  • 6” for 80/36
  • 8” for 131/60
  • 10” for 177/80
  • 12/10” for 171/78

Sturdy Construction With FDA-Compliant Materials

The Roto-Clean is made from FDA-compliant materials and virtually eliminates product hang-up points inside the valve. Your material will flow smoothly through the valve system.

Body, Dome, and Metal Seats: Stainless steel and other alloys on request

Soft Seats: Reinforced PTFE, PEEK, Ertalyte, or other engineered plastics for non-stick parts

Coatings and Hardfacings: Thin to dense chrome, Teflon, PFA, and others

Use Cases and Typical Applications of the Roto-Clean® Sanitary Spherical Valve

We design every Roto-Clean® sanitary spherical valve for when you need ingredients to stay in a pure environment for proper, precise mixing further down the line.  Roto-Clean® valves are typically used in gravity flow or low-pressure/vacuum applications and at ambient to slightly elevated temperatures, although we can design valves for elevated temperatures and pressures.

Typical applications include:

  • Food Powders
  • Spices
  • Flavorings
  • Pigments
  • Dyes
  • Semiconductor raw materials
  • High-purity silicon
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Any facility where you require frequent valve cleaning

The valve wipes itself clean with each cycle while slicing through sticky, gummy material buildup like sugar, yeast, or nuts in food processing facilities. The Roto-Clean valve won’t gum up, jam, or leak in the middle of a production run. Take a look at this case study from WILD Flavors, an international company producing flavors and ingredients for several sectors of the food industry.

Invest in Roto-Clean® Industrial Valves

If your food processing or pharmaceutical plant wants to run more efficiently, consider the right sanitary valves for your production lines. They could save time, and hence costs, right away as you look to get advantages over your competition. 

Roto-Disc, Inc., is a world leader in custom valves that make your processes more efficient while reducing labor costs and downtime. Contact Roto-Disc today for specific use cases and to learn more about how we can help your company improve its processes.