4 Advantages of Our Roto-Disc Cycle Controller

roto disc cycle controller product image

Roto-Disc offers world-class industrial valves for a wide range of industries. Our team can custom-make valves and airlocks to meet your precise specifications for food manufacturing, slurry, dry powders, petrochemicals, ceramic balls, and powdered metals.

One way we do this is through our Roto-Disc Cycle Controller. Today, we’ll discuss the four main advantages of our control system as it works in conjunction with our industrial valve assemblies.   

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1. Programmed to Work With Your Custom Valve Assembly

We program our purpose-driven cycle controller to work with your custom valve assembly. A display shows five different functions and an enter key on the side, while a majority of the display shows precisely what’s going on with your system. You can alter the program to suit your needs based on the product, cycle times, volume, and other specs.

Our software engineers program each controller and test it with your custom assembly to make sure it works properly. If you have any questions or concerns beyond the training you’ll receive, feel free to contact our team and we’ll help you. 

2. Firmware Updates for Improved Processes

Like most pieces of hardware, manufacturers update the basic programming from time to time. Our Roto-Disc Cycle Controller (RDCC) gets regular firmware updates to improve the performance and processes of the industrial valve assembly. You’ll still get the same great engineering behind the industrial valves. Firmware can make improvements in connectivity, security, and processing.

We’re constantly improving our hardware and software to make the industrial valves we make better. Our team will send firmware updates to your controllers every once in a while to make sure they stay updated with operating systems and other supplemental software in your facility.

3. Programmable for Your Specific Application

Once the RDCC hooks up to your industrial valve assembly, you can program it to handle whatever loads you need it to. Set cycle times of valves, control the volume and speed based on your products, and run diagnostics on the sensors to make sure the volume and movement are correct. Change the type of product going through the assembly to fit your specific product run when you need versatility on a single line.

4. Manual Override

In case something unexpected happens with your custom valve assembly, four manual buttons let you start/stop the valve, manually fill the chamber, manually dump the load, and stop the entire line. Once you resolve the issue, you can easily restart your industrial valve and continue with your automated process.

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Roto-Disc’s Cycle Controller Comes With Your Custom Valve Assembly

Every custom valve assembly comes with our RDCC, giving your team confidence to achieve better results from your industrial processes.

Contact Roto-Disc today to learn more about how our Roto-Disc Cycle Controller can help your team achieve optimal results with our custom industrial valves.