10 Industries Our Custom-Built Industrial Valves Help With Improved Equipment

Roto-Disc serves several industries with custom-built industrial valves. We’re going to look at these industries and the materials our valves can handle.

Industrial Valves for Chemicals

Our industrial valves work for several types of chemical manufacturing processes.

Take a look at shut-off valves for processing hydrobromide salts, zinc stearate, polyester chips, catalysts, and sulfamic acid when precise amounts are required for your batches or chemical reactions. 

Do you need feeder lines for plastic pellets or to receive exact amounts from a silo ready to process titanium dioxide? Our valves can regulate what you need with precision. We’ll also handle potassium tantalum with an isolation valve.

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Industrial Valves for Alternative Energy & Biofuels 

With government incentives for alternative energy coming to various states, alternative energy and biofuels continue to grow as an economic engine, whether your firm processes rubber pellets or ethanol.

Our lock-hopper valves are ideal for crumb rubber applications, while custom valves are ideal for the gasification of canola for biofuels. 

Industrial Valves for Food Manufacturing

Roto-Disc’s industrial valves, particularly our Roto-Clean sanitary spherical valves, are perfect for food manufacturing. Use them for mixer discharge for cake frosting or when you need to distribute maltodextrin with a flow diverter valve.

Industrial Valves for Pharmaceutical Products

Your pharmaceuticals absolutely must be precise. There’s no getting around that in a highly regulated environment.

Pharmaceutical powders work well with our lighter-weight spherical valve with a wide range of discharge capabilities for your vacuum dryers and centrifugal pumps. 

Industrial Valves for Petroleum

Our heavy-duty spherical valves are the perfect solution for deep-sea drill cuttings when you have dense-phase conveying to move materials away quickly and in harsh conditions. 

Dense-phase pneumatic conveying valves also work for silica gel processing. 

Industrial Valves for Agriculture

The Roto-Disc II spherical valve with an outlet flange works for agricultural processing as a mixer discharge for biocides and feeds. Meanwhile, diverters help fill batches of corn gluten and grains when loading mixers for livestock.

Industrial Valves for Mining

Silo discharge valves need to be cut off at the correct time when hoppers are full for large batch processing. Aluminum silicate powders and other raw materials fill train cars and trucks quickly for transportation. Our shut-off valves measure accurately when you require specific tonnages to travel by rail or road.

Industrial Valves for Plastics

Diverter valves let you send plastic pellets to various batches for precise amounts of color for your thermoplastic applications to fill molds. Fill feeders and boxes with powders and pellets.

Industrial Valves for Nuclear Energy

Airlock double-dump valve assemblies process nuclear fuels and nuclear waste when uranium pellets go in, and uranium oxide powder goes out. Nuclear materials must be handled delicately and within regulations, and Roto-Disc valves meet your specifications.

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Industrial Valves for Pet Food

Mass batches of cat food and dog food must meet minimum requirements for protein, fat, and fiber content as well as specialized ingredients. Hopper shut-offs found on our Roto-Flate inflatable seal spherical valve offer a bi-directional seal and a bubble-tight sealing against full vacuum and pressures up to 150psig.

Roto-Disc Helps Many Industries Succeed

Roto-Disc can custom-make industrial valve assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. 

Contact Roto-Disc today to learn more about how we can help your company improve its processes and achieve optimal results.