Why You Need Precise Airlock/Double Dump Valves

Airlock valves are essential to industries like agricultural processing, plastic resins, chemical manufacturing, and many others. They are typically used to process dry materials between two environments that are under differential pressure. Ideally, airlocks should prevent leakage for maximum efficiency. In today’s blog by Roto-Disc, we explain the significance of precision manufactured airlock/double-dump valves and why they offer a clear advantage compared to traditional rotary valves. 

Air-Leak Management and Prevention

Airlock valves are akin to puzzle pieces; without accurate puzzle piece pairings, the picture is incomplete or ends up falling apart due to gaps. This concept applies to airlock structuring and use. Without precision, the whole system in which they are installed performs inefficiently because of leakage. 

Clearance leakage: For proper functioning, rotary airlock blades cannot come into contact with the housing. There has to be a clearance between the blades. This means process air or gasses leak through, so neither the upstream or downstream environment are isolated from each other.

Roto-Disc Airlock/Double-Dump valves come with precision manufactured parts measured according to size, weight, frequency, accumulation, volume, and temperature. They won’t leak processed air or gasses because there’s no clearance between the rotating dome and the seats. This means your process runs more efficiently. 

Pocket Leakage: When the material enters rotor pockets gas is displaced, causing pressure throughout the system and restricts material flow. Leakage is determined by (but is not limited to) speed rate, product feed rate, volume, and more. 

Roto-Disc Airlock/Double-Dump valves all have an NPT purge coupling to normalize pressure between the two environments before releasing the material downstream. This means the material flow is smooth, and harmful process gasses are kept away from areas they’re not supposed to be.

Essential for Safety

Precise airlock valves serve a crucial safety function since a balanced system is ideal for pressure management. Improperly used valves can cause a safety risk in some situations. The operation of an airlock valve is as follows: 

Material enters through the inlet valve and into the accumulation chamber:

  • When we achieve the required amount of material for the batch, the inlet valve is closed. 
  • The pressure inside the accumulation chamber matches the downstream environment by supplying or releasing trapped pressure or vacuum through the purge port. 
  • When the accumulator chamber environment is normalized, the outlet valve opens to release the material downstream.

Not every airlock manufacturer will deliver high-quality Airlock valves. At Roto-Disc, we guarantee our airlocks are constructed to the highest standards. Our positive record of customer reviews and return consumers speaks for itself. At Roto-Disc, we are a top-tier brand that supplies quality without cutting corners. 

Sized to Suit Processing Needs

Inefficient rotary airlock valves will lead to rotor wear-and-tear, eventually disrupting the system and causing failure. Only precise airlock/double-dump valves can offer the high-performance and low leakage rates required by most manufacturing industries. Roto-Disc designs airlock valves suited to the operational needs of the consumers and their organizations. 

Maintain Airlock flow and efficiency with Roto-Disc

At Roto-Disc, we serve a diverse range of industries, materials, and applications. We manufacture shut-off and airlock/double-dump valves designed for complex dry material applications guaranteed to fit your process. We have helped hundreds of companies locally and worldwide, and we can help you too. Contact Roto-Disc today. When all else fails, Roto-disc prevails.