How Roto-Disc Valves Help the Food Production Industry

Industrial valve with flat top sitting on concrete floor.

Food and beverage processing is a complex industry that primarily relies on high efficiency to achieve profit goals. Additionally, valves must meet strict requirements to be used in food and beverage processing, which makes the demand even more challenging.

However, these challenges haven’t stopped custom-made valves from making waves in the industry. Roto-Disc valves are contributing to the food industry in incredible ways, enhancing efficiency, contributing to food safety procedures, and ultimately, increasing profits. 

Here’s how.

Roto-Disc valves increase efficiency

Efficiency is key for food manufacturers. Custom Roto-Disc valves ensure that food processing plants maintain consistent quality. By keeping everything running smoothly, consistently, and as quickly as possible, they maintain a cost-efficient production process with fewer hiccups and much less downtime.

Roto-Disc valves enhance food safety procedures

Sanitary valves that are thoughtfully and intentionally designed prevent undesirable results that can often lead to PR disasters and a loss of customer loyalty. For example, the tight shut-off advantages and self-cleaning of Roto-Disc valves prevent leakage, reduce bacterial growth, and also help food processors avoid any dangerous cross-contamination. This enables food manufacturers to maintain ideal productivity levels without sacrificing quality or safety.

Roto-Disc valves improve automation

Custom Roto-Disc valves also play a major role in replacing manual labor with automated labor. Some types of valves clean themselves with every operation. Others that don’t have to be fully removed from equipment to be cleaned and sanitized. Instead, they can be quickly serviced without completely shutting down and re-cleaning the line. This reduces costs and maximizes productivity.

Roto-Disc valves increase runtime

Specialty Roto-Disc valves are custom-designed for specific jobs and crafted with the highest-quality materials. As a result, they break down less often than generic valves. This reduces costly downtime and helps food manufacturers make products faster because they spend less time repairing and replacing parts.

Learn More About Roto-Disc Valves

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