Choosing the Most Effective Solids Handling Valve on the Market Today

Problems with even, consistent flow are common in solids handling processes. Bridging and ratholing are common issues that interfere with the flow of solids through a process system. Bin and vessel discharges take into account the specific flow characteristics of a given material, but often times crusts still form directly above the discharge opening, preventing free-flow of material through the discharge valve.   

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What is a crust breaker dome?

A crust breaker dome is a modification to Spherical Valves designed specifically to break up a plug or crust of material and keep the material flowing. The dome of the valve is made with a flat top so that as it rotates it breaks up any clumps so they can flow to the next stage of the process. With this modification, the valve has the same crust-breaking advantages as a butterfly-style valve while maintaining all the robust design advantages of the Spherical Valve type.  

What is an inflatable seal diverter valve, and when is it appropriate to use one?

An inflatable seal diverter valve is a high-pressure diverter that maintains a bubble-tight seal to the closed port and to the outside when material flows through the diverter. Valves like these, such as the Roto-Vert-Flate from Roto-Disc, Inc., are also designed to switch between ports while the material is flowing through the valve, even at high pressures. 

Traditionally, users of diverters in high-pressure environments, such as dense-phase pneumatic conveying, had to live with considerable leakage to both the closed ports (s) and to the outside. Inflatable seal diverters provide a leak-proof option in those types of applications. 

When should I use a blade-type diverter valve?

In many diverter valve applications, the principal concern is avoiding hang-up points inside the valve. These include small pockets on side walls where material cakes up and causes spoilage or contamination. These and other pockets inside diverter valves typically come from sloppy manufacturing techniques or designs where economy is the driving force in an OEM’s product offering.

A clean-flow diverter valve from Roto-Disc, Inc., has no internal hang-up points (screws or ledges) where solids can collect. Additionally, the fit of the internal divert blade to the side walls is painstakingly made by hand to ensure gaps between the blade and side wall are minimized. Sanitary applications that require frequent internal cleaning and/or sanitization benefit from the removable side panel and easy disassembly process. The diverters can also be supplied with tri-clamp type ferrule connections on the inlet & discharge ports. 

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Choose Roto-Disc Inc. for Solids Handling Valves

Roto-Disc, Inc., is a world leader in solids handling valves for dry material handling processes. We have several in our repertoire that can help your industrial processes. We’ll also custom-make a solids handling valve that works with your system.

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