Roto-Flate® Valve Now Designed To Close And Inflate In All Failure Modes


Roto-Disc® Inc., has completed design of an Inflatable Seal Mechanical Interlock system for the Roto-Flate® spherical valve that enhances its reliability and causes it to fail closed and inflated in the case of electric or pneumatic loss. The Roto-Flate Failure Mode Mechanical Interlock prevents the inflatable seal from inflating before the valve dome is in the closed position. When utilized with a spring return pneumatic actuator and normally open seal solenoid, the Roto-Flate® now closes AND inflates upon electrical power loss, regardless of the position of the valve at the time power is lost. The interlock also prevents un-intended and/or premature inflation of the inflatable seal, thereby decreasing risk of damage during start-up. For applications where the valve is required to also close on pneumatic loss, the Roto-Flate® can be provided with a valve arrangement that will inflate the seal from a reserve air-source, and keep it inflated for extended periods. Applications that require a fail-open or fail-last disposition can also be easily accommodated upon request. These enhancements allow users of the Roto-Flate® to gain the benefits of its 2-stage sealing system while being assured of a known action in the event of electric of pneumatic loss.

This Roto-Flate® Failure Mode makes use of an inflatable bladder and provides bubble-tight sealing against full vacuum and pressures up to 150psig. The sealing surfaces are not exposed to material flow and there is no sliding contact when it opens & closes. Thus it resists abrasive wear and has a long service-life expectancy. Common applications are for filling and discharging reactors, vacuum dryers and tanks, or as a shut-off or isolation valve in dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems. It is available with inlet port sizes 3” through 24” and in a variety of materials of construction to meet application requirements. Also available in air-lock (double-dump) assemblies for air-locking product into and out of sealed environments. Learn more.

Roto-Disc, Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of spherical valves for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications. Its other products include the Roto-Disc the Roto-Flate inflatable seal valve, and the Roto-Clean Sanitary valve.

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