Mechanical Interlock for the Roto-Flate® Inflatable Seal Valve

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Roto-Disc®, Inc. now offers a mechanical interlock system for the Roto-Flate® Inflatable Seal valve that enhances its reliability by preventing the inflatable seal from inflating before the valve dome is in the closed position. 

This enhancement decreases risk of damage from unintended or premature inflation of the inflatable seal and allows users to gain the benefits of the Roto-Flate’s two-stage sealing system while being assured of a known action in the event of electric or pneumatic loss. When mated to its standard control package, the Roto-Flate® will now close AND inflate upon loss of electrical power, regardless of the position of the valve when power is lost. 

For applications where the valve is also required to close on pneumatic loss, the Roto-Flate® is supplied with a spring return actuator and relies on compressed air in the customer’s plant-air distribution system for the inflatable seal. 

For applications where the Roto-Flate® must remain closed for extended power and pneumatic outages, a compressed air reservoir is coupled to the seal circuit which keeps the seal inflated for a prolonged period. Applications that require the valve to have a “fail-open” or “fail-last” disposition can also be easily accommodated upon request. 

About Roto-Flate®

The Roto-Flate® Inflatable Seal Valve makes use of an inflatable bladder and provides bubble-tight sealing against full vacuum and pressures up to 150 psig. The sealing surfaces are not exposed to material flow and there is no sliding contact when it opens and closes. Thus it resists abrasive wear and has a long service-life expectancy. 

Common applications are for filling and discharging reactors, vacuum dryers and tanks, or as a shut-off or isolation valve in dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems. It is available with inlet port sizes 3” through 24” and in a variety of materials of construction to meet application requirements. Roto-Flate® is also available in air-lock (double-dump) assemblies for air-locking product into and out of sealed environments. 

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About Roto-Disc, Inc.

Roto-Disc, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of Spherical valves and Airlock/Double-Dump Assemblies for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications. Its other products include the Roto-Disc® Heavy-Duty Spherical Valve, the Roto-Disc® II Lighter Weight Spherical Valve, and the Roto-Clean® Sanitary Spherical Valve, as well as Airlock/Double-Dump Assemblies of all of these. It also offers the Roto-Blade™ Clean-Flow Diverter Valve and Roto-Vert™ Spherical and Inflatable Seal Pressure Diverter Valves.

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