Eliminate Taper-Pin Shearing


Erlanger, KY – For Immediate Release: All Roto-Disc®, Inc. shut-off valves are now standard with its exclusive direct-drive system. This break-through design eliminates taper/shear pins both inside and outside the valve and connects the dome to the actuator through square holes in the dome and square ends on the mating shafts. New high-yield stainless & carbon steels are also available and removal and re-insertion of the shafts is greatly simplified. This new, robust design allows additional torque to be applied to power the valve through hard or sticky material without concern for taper pin shearing.

The direct-drive feature, offered on the company’s Roto-Clean® sanitary valve since 2005, is now available on the Roto-Disc®, Roto-Disc II, Roto-Flate® and Roto-Vert® valves as well. This means all valves share the quick shaft removal & reinsertion feature of the Roto-Clean. The design works well with most actuator types because most actuators have female drive shafts. Roto-Disc, Inc. offers conversion packages to this new design for its current installed base.

The Roto-Disc®, Inc. is a manufacturer and designer of spherical valves for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications. Its other products include the Roto-Disc® & Roto-Disc II valves and the Roto-Flate® inflatable seal valve, all of which can be supplied in Airlock/Double-Dump assemblies for processing material into and out of differential pressure environments. It also designs and manufactures the Roto-Vert™ and Roto-Blade™ and clean-flow diverter valves, a full line of splitters and convergers and piping and flange transitions. For more information please contact Roto-Disc, Inc. or visit our website.

Square shaft and dome holes are machined to exacting tolerances to provide a tight slip-fit that won’t allow the actuator and dome to become decoupled.