4 Reasons to Invest in Roto-Disc Valves for Your Industrial Equipment

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Are you having trouble maintaining your current valves? Does your industrial equipment break down more frequently due to faulty valves? Consider Roto-Disc. Today’s blog discusses four reasons to invest in Roto-Disc valves for your industrial equipment.

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Overcoming Older Design Flaws

Traditional valves for industrial equipment were initially designed decades or even a century ago. These older designs, many of which have outlived their usefulness, can lead to an off-spec product, production downtime, and constant maintenance.

Incorrect Valve Installation

Did you recently have a company install valves? Are they not performing as you would like for your liquid, gas, or dry slurry applications? Roto-Disc excels in these areas where other valve companies continually fail. 

Eliminates Build-Up in Dead Spaces

All valves have a dead space in between the ball and the housing mechanism. This dead space offers the perfect opportunity for dry material to accumulate. This packed material can lead to cross-contamination, binding, and abrasive wear. Roto-Disc valves are open on the inside, so the product flows freely through the valve. Our designs keep your industrial equipment flowing smoothly.

Allows Product to Flow Freely

Does your company use butterfly valves? Vanes directly in the middle of the flow stream cause bridging, reducing throughput, exposing sealing surfaces to wear. Roto-Disc valves prevent all of these problems with our advanced design for your industrial equipment.

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Talk to Roto-Disc for Improved Valve Performance

Your valve headaches can be a thing of the past. Talk to our engineers and valve experts for more information on what valves are right for you. Contact Roto-Disc or call (513) 871-2600 for more information on how we can improve your industrial equipment with custom-designed valves.