Roto-Blade Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve

What’s New

  • Removable side panel and blade gives access to valve internals
  • Shaft seals keep dust from leaking to the outside
  • Larger valve sizes


Built Tough For Reliability

Here’s why the Roto-Blade™, heavy-duty diverter valve will eliminate your diverter valve headaches forever:

  • Heavy gauge construction means precise tolerances are maintained so moving parts don’t break down or hang-up and your operation stays on schedule.
  • The diverter blade and side-walls are precision machined and then ground by hand at assembly to ensure a perfect fit between the side-walls and the diverter blade.
  • Blade tip is protected from material flow.
  • There is simply no place inside the valve for material to get trapped. Roto-Blade is always clean as a whistle, making it ideal for sanitary applications or other ultra-clean environments.
  • Quick-acting, cushioned air cylinder moves the blade rapidly through the product.
Roto-Blade Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve
Straight Leg Configuration of Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve
Y Configuration of Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve
Rectangular Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve


Body Type Square, Rectangular
Divert Type Reject (one leg straight through, one leg offset) and Wye (both legs offset from vertical center)
Divert Angle 30°-45° from vertical center. Modified designs also available
Port Connections Flanged (Square, Rectangular, Round/ANSI), Tri-clamp & Stub
Body Sizes 3–24″ (larger sizes upon request)
Materials of Construction Stainless Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel (AR400), Hastelloy, other materials upon request
Actuators Double Acting, Single Acting
Coatings & Hardfacings Electroless Nickel, Tungsten Carbide, Hard Chrome, Teflon® PFA


Sanitary Configurations

  • Optional removable side-wall design gives easy access to valve internals, without having to dismount it from the mating flanges
  • The blade can be removed for re-work or replacement
  • Valve internals can be polished
  • No internal hang-up points or ledges
  • Tri-clamp connections for sanitary environments available
Sanitary Configuration for Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve
Cleaning of Heavy-Duty Clean-Flow Diverter Valve

Roto-Vert-Flate Inflatable Seal Spherical Diverter Valve

The Roto-Vert™-Flate is a unique solution for unique diverter applications!

  • Makes use of the Roto-Flate inflatable seal system
  • Capable of providing bubble-tight shut-off between (2) environments with high differential pressures
  • The rotating action of the dome slices through material without sliding against the seat
  • The compact body design eliminates the need for (2) valves and large spool pieces


Body Size 3″ 6″ 10″
Std. Port Connection Size 4″
ANSI 150#
ANSI 150#
ANSI 150#
Divert Type Wye Only Wye Only Wye Only

Typical Applications

  • Pressure Sealing between (2) Environments
  • High-pressure divert
  • Dense-phase pneumatic conveyings

Bolt-on pant-legs are made to suit for easy connection to mating flanges

Roto-Vert-Flate diversion illustration

Roto-Vert-Flate Inflatable seal spherical diverter valve

Materials of Construction

Body & Dome: Stainless Steel (316, 304, Duplex), Carbon Steel (4140, WCB), Hastelloy-C, Monel, Other alloys upon request

Coatings & Hardfacings: Electroless Nickel, Tungsten Carbide, Hard Chrome, Teflon® PFA

Actuators: Manual handle with locking grip or hand wheel, Air or electric, Most standard brands and controls can be used

Seal Material: Neoprene, Viton®, Viton®-B, Viton®-GF, Viton® Extreme, EPDM, Perflouroelastomer, Buna-N and Heat-stable Silicon. Some materials available in white.