Roto-Disc, Inc. Announces Revolutionary Feeding & Measuring Capability

NEWS RELEASE Roto-Disc® Contact: Roto-Disc®, Inc. (513) 871-2600 AIRLOCK / DOUBLE-DUMP INDUSTRIAL VALVES WITH REVOLUTIONARY FEEDING & MEASURING CAPABILITY Roto-Disc, Inc. Airlock/Double-Dump valves are now able to feed and measure product into and/or out of pressure or vacuum environments in four modes. Through the development of the Roto-Disc Cycle Timer (RDCC™) and enhancements to its […]

Dry Material Mixers & Blenders Need Dry Material Valves

NEWS RELEASE Roto-Disc® Contact: Roto-Disc®, Inc. (513) 871-2600 DRY MATERIAL MIXERS & BLENDERS NEED DRY MATERIAL VALVES Roto-Disc®, Inc. shut-off valves are ideal for the inlets and discharges of atmospheric and vacuum mixers & dryers. The valves slice through material build-up and wipe themselves clean with each cycle. The sealing surfaces are not exposed […]

Sanitary Spherical Valve Available in New Sizes

Erlanger, KY, For Immediate Release – The Roto-Disc®, Inc. announces that its patented Roto-Clean® Sanitary, Spherical Valve is now available in 2”, 2.5” & 12” port sizes. Just like the existing Roto-Clean valves, these new sizes can be quickly disassembled & reassembled, by hand, for cleaning and sanitization. When fully disassembled, no two parts are still connected or touching. Clearances are undisturbed during disassembly and need not be adjusted upon reassembly. The Roto-Clean is made from FDA compliant materials and virtually eliminates product hang-up points inside the valve…

Eliminate Taper-Pin Shearing

NEWS RELEASE Roto-Disc® Contact: Roto-Disc®, Inc. (513) 871-2600 ROTO-DISC®, Inc.’s DIRECT-DRIVE SYSTEM & HIGH-STRENGTH SHAFTS ELIMINATE TAPER PIN SHEARING Erlanger, KY – For Immediate Release: All Roto-Disc®, Inc. shut-off valves are now standard with its exclusive direct-drive system. This break-through design eliminates taper/shear pins both inside and outside the valve and connects the dome […]

We’ve Moved

Dear Roto-Disc Business Partners: Please update your records to reflect our new address, effective 9/2/2013: Roto-Disc®, Inc. 514 Enterprise Drive, Unit A Erlanger, KY 41017 This is the new address for all correspondence, including invoices, remittances, etc… Our phone and fax numbers, and all email addresses have not changed. Thank you for your prompt attention […]